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Random Thought... Whether they ever find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be considered an enemy planet.

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Yes - Nunzio always liked The Odd Couple. And here's Nunzio, to tell you himself...

"YES!!! The Odd Couple was ALWAYS one of my favorite TV shows! YES!!!"

Go ahead and check this OUT!!! Klick What Nunzio hears when he starts Windows

Scruffy is extremely HAPPY! Klick to find out WHY!!! Scruffy is HAPPY!

At a barbeque in the summer of 1989 FROLICKING IN THE YARD!

Scruffy has a new girlfriend! Check it OUT!!! Klick Scruffy's new flame

Scruffy has a friend and his name is Blob! Klick Scruffy's friend Blob

A charming visual remake of a child's nursery rhyme song... Klick Daisy, Daisy


SOMETHING that is SOMEWHAT unusual!



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Initial reception for Winamp3 was not all that good, but there were then and also still are many of us who liked it (myself included).

*Note: Unfortunately, Winamp3 has been pronounced "dead", and its name changed to Wasabi.Player. However, Wasabi development (the platform that Winamp3 was built on) will live on.

There were 12 internal Winamp3 developer builds released after Winamp3 v1.0 (build #488). Those builds were never intended for general public use, and were there for beta-testing only. They were never officially supported. In order to have used one you needed to uninstall any previous build before installing a dev build, or install the dev build in a new directory (eg: if you also wanted to keep v1.0 build #488).



Winamp 2.81 was released and then in March 2003, Nullsoft publically declared The New Plan.

  • 2.x development restarts
  • Winamp3 is put on hold
  • Winamp 2.90 and then 2.91 are released
  • Winamp 5 Beta is released
  • Winamp 5 RC is released
  • Winamp3 development is placed on indefinite hold
  • Everyone waits for official Winamp 5 Final release
  • Winamp 5 is officially released to the public when the new site comes online on Tuesday Dec 16, 2003 at approximately 2:45 AM EST
  • Winamp3 is officially declared dead and will no longer be supported. Wasabi.Player development continues in the background
  • Winamp 5.5 10th Anniversary Edition is officially released to the public on October 9, 2007

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Killer Klowns!

Killer Klowns From Outer Space
I'm a Fanatical Fan of this movie!
Klick to see the 1988 trailer!
Klick to watch the full-length feature film!
Klick the Klown's image above for MORE!



I'm also a Fanatical Fan of this movie!
Klick for the 1981 trailer for CAVEMAN!
Klick to watch the full-length feature film!
Klick for CAVEMAN full cast and crew!
Slick City!

Slick City

Be sure to check out Slick City, Long Island's hottest country band! Pay particular attention to the voice of an ANGEL in several of the songs. Her name is Angela Yodice, and she's my niece. Angela has been blessed with a beautiful voice, but also take a look at how lovely she is! In addition to being a great singer, Angela is also a very good artist. Here is a portrait that she drew of herself. OK. OK. So I'm just a tad bit prejudiced. But as you can see, Angela is indeed multi-talented and she, as well as the entire band, totally ROCK!! First, press the "Klick to hear 455 Rocket" link below and then use the media controls that will be displayed to hear the sample song from the Slick City site (stop any other currently playing music first, if need be). Also, see Angela at the start of her singing "career", when she was just 3 years old!

Band: Slick City | Song: 455 Rocket
In addition to the above, there are many more songs offered on this page at the Slick City site.

455 Rocket Lyrics:

Disclaimer: Song lyrics are copyrighted and all rights reserved by the respective companies and authors. We do not claim any rights to these song lyrics. We have transcribed these song lyrics and provided them here for your enjoyment and for reference.

Site History:

This site "officially" opened on 11-06-02 but still has not been fully completed. Hmmm... is any site ever "fully" complete? I don't think so. However, a chatroom and a guestbook (powered by PHP & MySQL) were added on 06-02-03 but then both were taken offline on 05-12-06 due to security issues. I'm not really all that certain when I'll again be inclined to add anything more to this site. Only time will tell.

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