Photo on this page is Angela at the age of 3 with her Uncle (me).
Angela and me
  Angela Yodice (my niece) is now 29 years old (2004). The photo on the left is of the both of us together back in 1978. Angela was only 3 years old at the time and of course I was much younger too (and in better health). Even back then my niece had a lovely voice (a sign of things to come). Anne Murrays's second single in 1978 was "You Needed Me", a song that sold over a million copies and is still a staple of light radio everywhere.

So, the above having been said, the reason I've included Anne Murray's "You Needed Me" in my multi-track playlist on the main page of my site is because it reminds me of how little Angela used to always sing that song when she was so young. People who would hear this little child singing the song so beautifully would be affected by it almost to the point of tears. She sang it that good!

Read more about Angela at the Slick City section on the main page of my site, which includes a current photo and a portrait that Angela drew of herself.