Web safe hexadecimal color values for use in HTML code within web pages

Script created by Nunzio (aka Phzzz) of Nunzio's Little Place On The Web.
*Note: Cross-Browser Script - works perfectly with all latest generation browsers including MSIE, Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome and Opera.

Hex Value
Move your mouse over the colored areas in the box below. As you do this, Hex Values will appear on the left and a larger color preview will surround the box.
When you locate the color you want, click on that color. The script will "freeze", allowing you to highlight-n-copy the Hex Value displayed on the left for your own use. To start the script again, just click once more in any other color area in the box below and repeat the procedure. Or, if you like you can also refresh this page to continue.
Close this window when done.

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