Wind Beneath My Wings - A Tribute To Mom From My Sister Denise

Wind Beneath My Wings
Tribute written by
Song playing sung by her daughter (my niece), Angela Yodice
Original recording artist - Bette Midler

Everyone loves their mothers, and most of us feel that our mothers are better than anyone elses, and just about perfect in every way you can think of.

My mother was an angel, and after her passing last year, believe me she earned the wings she now has. She was an inspiration to not only myself, but every person that ever came in contact with her. Her love for everyone shined and sent shivers throughout their entire bodies, I kid you not! She was never ever alone any day of her life, for she was surrounded by the love given her in return by many people.

My mother has taught me self-respect, how to love, how to nurture, how to be the best mom I could ever hope to be. She also taught me not to be disappointed if I would fail. She would always say, "Just pick yourself up and start over again, tomorrow's another day." If it weren't for my mother, I wouldn't have been able to raise my two daughters (who are grown now) by myself for the past 15 years. She has taught me patience in life, something that is not easy at times. Because of my mother, I am able to be there for my daughters and my grandson, or whenever I am needed by anyone, whenever possible.

She taught me not to judge anyone, the meaning of respect, how to bear the heartbreaks in life, and how to always seem to be able to climb above every trial and tribulation that comes my way.

I love and miss my mom so much, she was and still is the wind beneath my wings.