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I f   n o  s p e c i f i c s  a r e  g i v e n:   $50  per hour.

Use the Web Design Price Estimator below to give you a quick estimate on having a basic web site designed. Your actual price will vary according to what type of site you want. Custom programming will increase the cost. Estimates are based on $50.00 per hour. Doing some planning before actual production begins will limit the need for changes and save time and money.

Please send me an email with the specifics of what you are looking for and I will determine a more accurate price than what the Web Design Price Estimator below indicates.
*Note: When using the below estimator, for 'Scan and resize photos' and 'CGI Feedback forms', enter NUMERIC values only. Example: a numeric value of 1 for 'Scan and resize photos' indicates that you'll only need one photo scanned and resized. A numeric value of 10 indicates that you'll need ten photos scanned and resized.

Web Design Price Estimator
How many pages do you require?  
Scan and resize photos.  
CGI Feedback forms.  
Convert existing print logo for web use.  Yes  
Design new logo for web use.  Yes  
Custom guestbook with admin page.  Yes  
Custom Site Design and Layout
( Custom graphics, search engine meta tags, navigation design, etc.)
  Total $ =  

Payment may be made with check or money order.

Make check or money order payable to:
Tom Cammarata

Mail payment to:
Web Design by Phzzz
68 Bushwick Avenue
Central Islip, NY 11722

Web site creations and designs
by Tom Cammarata
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