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Music Download Instructions for Nunzio's MP3 music collection
If you want to download my songs you can NOT use the miserable proprietary Internet Explorer browser. You need the Google Chrome browser to download songs or another open-source browser like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari. The Google Chrome browser is available here. Firefox is available here. Opera is available here. Safari is available here.

You can listen to any song or playlist of songs via the web player at "Nunzio's MP3 music collection" located here using ANY browser, but you can NOT download any music for your own personal use if you are using the miserable proprietary Internet Explorer browser. But HEY! No worries! Because you followed my SAGE advice in the paragraph above and are now using Google Chrome or another open source browser, you can listen to music and, if you decide you want a song (or songs), you can right-click on any song in the song list to DOWNLOAD it using the easy to follow instructions seen in this screenshot...

Download Instructions

Enjoy the music!!!
SCRUFFY (aka Tom; aka Nunzio)