Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Random Thought... Of all the warning sounds that animals make, I think the one that's the least effective on me is a kind of clicking noise.

What? Are you freakin' nuts?? Do you have a PROBLEM reading plain English? It was specifically indicated to you that you must NOT klick on that link and yet you completely disregarded the warning!

Well, you asked for it, so here's the deal... provided that you are using one of the latest versions of the Internet Explorer browser, you should now see the entire contents of the C:\ drive on your computer in the scrollable iframe window located directly below this text. If you are using another browser (eg: Mozilla/Netscape or Opera), or an older version of Internet Explorer, then it's possible that you "might" only see an empty or "blank" iframe box below. It really makes no difference. No matter what browser you are using... whether you can see it or not... we can see it!  We gotcha, kiddo.... we gotcha!! How did we get ya? After reading this, look at the iframe window below and take note of the fact that every folder and file on your C:\ drive is completely and totally accessible. You don't believe it? Try maneuvering through your computer using the below explorer-type interface (if you can both see and access it). You'll find that you can execute ANY file within any folder on your computer. And so can we!!! So at this point you might want to consider a few things...

Have we grabbed stuff from your computer for our own use? Have we dumped a virus, spyware, or some other type of malware on your computer??

Nahhhh... don't think about it. Don't even give it a second thought. It's really not worth the worry. Just use the menu provided on the left to navigate through the rest of "Nunzio's Little Place On The Web".

And, most importantly, ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR VISIT HERE! (ha-ha)

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